Coordinate Palletizer

  • Coordinate palletizer is a kind of robotic equipment that utilizes the motion principle of right-angle coordinate system to realize material stacking.
  • The key components of a coordinate palletizer are X-axis, Y-axis, Z-axis, permanent magnet motor, automatic control system and gripper.
  • Coordinate palletizers can only gripping one conveyor line and operate one palletizing station at a time. The price of a standard set of coordinate palletizer is about 15,000 USD.
  • Coordinate palletizer is widely used in food, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, building materials and other industries, and is your ideal choice for material handling and palletizing.
coordinate palletizer

Core advantages for coordinate palletizer

  • Ultra-strong handling capacity: single gripping weight can reach hundreds of pounds, easy to lift all kinds of materials.
  • Flexible and changeable: Customized design according to your working environment and needs, realizing a variety of palletizing types and a variety of materials.
  • Precise and efficient: Adopting advanced control system and servo motor to ensure fast speed and high precision.
  • Compact structure: small footprint, flexible layout, adaptable to different site requirements.
  • Permanent magnet motor: Provides strong power and ensures strong handling force.
  • Automatic control system: control the movement trajectory and speed of the palletizer.
  • Hand gripping: customized according to the shape of the material, more firm gripping. Configured with inverted stacking correction system to prevent stacking collapse, even if the material is more slippery bags, it can be easily grabbed, for example, powder tonnage bag material can be equipped with shaping gripping table for easy gripping.

Coordinate palletizer - Full automatic packaging line

Full automatic packaging production line: mainly consists of coordinate palletizer, gripper system, conveyor line and automatic control system, with high positioning accuracy and smooth movement; the conveyor line is equipped with several sets of photoelectric sensors to realize high-precision position tracking and positioning.

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