Electric Rotary Dryer

electric rotary dryer

Electric rotary dryer machine

  • Capacity: 2-50t/h.
  • Energy source: electricity. Of course, you can also be customized other fuels, such as diesel, natural gas, coal, etc.
  • Delivery time: 7-10 days.
  • Price: factory price. Get a quotation now.
  • Drawings: Free design.

Working principle of an electric rotary dryer

The electric rotary dryer is made of multiple heating tubes affixed to the cylinder, and the drying effect is achieved through the heat source conduction of electricity to iron.

Sand enters the dryer through the belt conveyor, is heated and discharged from the other end.

The electric cabinet is a frequency conversion design; when the electrically heated dryer is turned on, it can slow down the impact of the drum on the bearings, which saves the loss of materials. Temperature can be set; when the temperature in the drum reaches the set limit, the heating will be stopped, which is simple and convenient.

heating tube of electric rotary dryer

Technical parameters of electric rotary dryer

Note: The parameters here are for reference only and are subject to technical updates without notice. If you need accurate data, please contact us.

Model Output Overall size Motor Reducer Electric heating power Extractor fan power
F200 2t/h 3200*1100*1500mm 1.5kw Cycloid speed reducer 20-30kw 110w
F300 3t/h 3500*1300*1500mm 2.2kw Cycloid speed reducer 30-40kw 110w
F500 5t/h 4200*1300*1500mm 3kw ZQ200 40-50kw 170w
F1000 10t/h 5100*1500*1700mm 4kw ZQ250 60-80kw 170w
F1500 15t/h 5800*1600*1800mm 5.5kw ZQ250 80kw 370w
F2000 20t/h 6000*1800*2000mm 7.5kw ZQ350 80-100kw 370w
F3000 30t/h 7800*1800*2000mm 11kw ZQ350 100-150kw 370w
F5000 50t/h 9000*2200*2200mm 15kw ZQ500 180-200kw 550w

Working site of electric rotary dryer

The electrically heated dryer is drying fly ash.

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What is an electric rotary dryer?

As you can see, an electric dryer is a machine that uses electricity to dry materials instead of using traditional fossil energy sources (e.g., coal, diesel, natural gas, gasoline, etc.) as a source of heat to achieve the same drying results as a traditional fuel dryer, which usually consists of a large drum that holds the material and a heating unit. When the dryer is activated, the drum rotates and heats the material by circulating hot air to accelerate moisture evaporation from the material and the drying process. Electric rotary dryers are often faster and more convenient than traditional fossil energy dryers, making them a smart choice for areas where fossil energy is overpriced, not readily available, or with high pressures on carbon emissions. They are also easier to use and cleaner.

Why do I need an electric rotary dryer?

An electric rotary dryer is a device that uses electricity to dry materials. It is usually used to dry the required materials before the dry mortar production line to ensure that the moisture content of the materials can meet the requirements of dry mortar production.

It is convenient and quick to use, with no need to prepare other fuels before use, eliminating the trouble of stacking different energies and reducing labor input. After connecting the power supply, you only need to operate the corresponding button, and the electric rotary dryer is ready for work.

With the development of global industrialization, the pressure of environmental protection is also increasing day by day; many countries are involved in reducing global carbon emissions in the ranks, and perhaps your factory where the government departments also hope that you can help to reduce the use of fossil fuels, and electricity as a cleaner, more environmentally friendly, more mature energy sources, is the current stage of reducing carbon emissions of the right choice.

What are the wearing parts of the electric rotary dryer?

You only need to pay attention to the heating tube between the inner and outer drums. The heating tube is one of the core components of the electric dryer and is the source of heat for the dryer. You can think of it as the filament in a light bulb, and the heating tube has a life span, just like a light bulb. Of course, you don't have to worry and feel frustrated about this. Usually, these heating tubes are very durable and work fine, at least for over a year after repurchasing them. Even if there is a malfunction, it's often just one or two of them, and they don't go on strike, affecting average production. Spare parts for heating tubes are inexpensive, and you can purchase extra light heating tubes when you order the whole machine.

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