What is a pre-mix hopper?

Pre-mix hopper refers to the equipment for storing and mixing raw materials in the dry mix mortar plant. A pre-mix hopper can hold materials and ensure a sufficient supply while ensuring the product's stability and consistency through the mixture of materials. The pre-mix hopper is usually used with a gravity dry mortar mixer to realize the continuous production of dry mortar.


What is the role of the pre-mix hopper?

Pre-mix hopper refers to the dry mortar production line, storing materials for mixed warehouse or equipment. It plays the following roles:

1. Storage of raw materials: the pre-mix hopper usually has an ample capacity storage space, which can temporarily store the raw materials to be mixed, such as sand, cement, fly ash, and other powder or granular materials. It can ensure an adequate supply of raw materials in the mortar production.

2. Control feeding: A pre-mix hopper is generally equipped with measuring devices to control the feeding amount of various raw materials. It can ensure that each batch of production of mortar raw material formula is accurate to avoid waste and quality problems.

3. Maintain a stable supply: the pre-mix hopper according to the needs of the production line to achieve a continuous supply of mortar raw materials. It can be linked with other equipment and conveying systems to keep the production line running continuously and improve production efficiency.

The difference between a pre-mix hopper and one without a pre-mix hopper

First of all, let's take a look at the dry mortar production line with and without a pre-mix hopper:

dry mix mortar plant with pre-mix hopper

Dry mix mortar plant with pre-mix hopper

dry mix mortar plant without pre-mix hopper

Dry mix mortar plant without pre-mix hopper

Dry mix mortar plant with pre-mix hopper:

After all the materials are weighed according to the proportion, they are transported to the pre-mix hopper by bucket elevator or screw conveyor. This will save weighing time, shorten the production time of the whole dry mortar production line, and significantly improve the production efficiency of dry mortar.

A small pre-mix hopper can help you realize the fully automated production of dry mortar with no need to put materials manually. The line with or without a pre-mix hopper is also essential in determining whether a dry mix mortar production line is fully automated.

The Difference Between Semi-Automated And Automatic Dry Mix Mortar Plant

Dry mix mortar plant without a pre-mix hopper:

Because each material conveying time is different, for example, dry mortar production requires a large amount of sand; when we start mixing, we must wait for all the materials to be conveyed. This will increase the production time of each batch of dry mortar. We can begin mixing directly without waiting if there is a pre-mix hopper.

In short, the production line without a pre-mix hopper is more simplified. Raw materials are added directly to the dry mortar mixer for mixing, eliminating the need for a pre-mix hopper. In contrast, small materials such as additives need to be manually fed in the mixer. The production line without a pre-mix hopper is suitable for small production volumes and a relatively simple formula. A dry mortar production line with a pre-mix hopper can realize fully automated continuous feeding; for large-scale, complex production needs, the pre-mix hopper is still essential.

In conclusion

In the production of dry mortar, the pre-mix hopper is an essential part of its primary role to pre-mix the raw materials and so on to reach a certain amount of a one-time into the production so that you can avoid frequent refilling to achieve fully automated continuous production, to improve the production efficiency, improve the utilization of raw materials, improve the quality of the product.

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