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What Is Pulse Jet Dust Collector?

What is a pulse jet dust collector machine? And the dust collector function is?

A pulse dust collector is a device that periodically compresses air into a filter bag to remove dust from the air.

The academic definition of the pulse is: in a short time mutation, then quickly return to its initial value of the physical quantity called a pulse. From the pulse definition, it is not difficult to see that pulse has the interval characteristic so that we can take the pulse as a signal. The signal in the computer is the pulse signal, also called the digital signal.

Pulse-jet dust collector belongs to a high-efficiency dust collector. The purification power can reach more than 99%, the pressure loss is about 1200~1500Pa, the filter load is higher, the filter cloth wear is lighter, the service life is longer, the operation is stable and reliable, and the application is wide. Ash removal requires a pressurized air source as ash removal power and a certain amount of energy consumption.

What Are The Components Of An Industrial Pulse Jet Dust Collector?

The industrial pulse jet dust collector comprises upper, middle and lower boxes, an ash discharge system and a jet blowing system.

The upper box body comprises a cover plate and an air outlet;

The box body is provided with a porous plate filter bag frame, filter bag and tube;

The lower box body is composed of an ash hopper, air inlet and inspection door;

The blowout system includes a control instrument, control valve, pulse valve, blowout tube and airbag.

What Are The Components Of An Industrial Pulse Jet Dust Collector?

How Does A Pulse Jet Dust Collector Work?

The working principle of pulse jet dust collector:

  • Dust gas from the inlet into the middle and lower box, through the dust collector bags into the upper box.
  • Under the action of the filter, the dust in the air will separate into dust and air; Dust adheres to the filter bag, and the gas through the filter bag tube into the upper box is discharged from the outlet.
  • Dust gas through the dust collector bag's purification process, with the increase of time and the accumulation of dust attached to the filter bag, increases the resistance of the filter bag, resulting in a gradual reduction in the amount of gas through the filter bag.
  • After reaching the set value, the controller issued a directive sequentially open the pulse valve to ensure the required amount of gas.
  • The compressed air is instantly sprayed into the filter bag by the dust collector pulse valve, filter bag under the effect air reverse swelling, make attached to the surface of the filter bag dust fall off, dust collector bags rework again.
  • The dust removed falls into the ash hopper and is discharged from the body through the discharge valve. The dust accumulated on the filter bag is cleaned by pulse spraying periodically so that the purified gas can pass through usually and ensure the operation of the dust collector system.
  • This is how the pulse jet dust collector machine works.

Dust collector pulse video will tell you how does it work?

Types Of Pulse Dust Collector Machine

Cyclone Dust Collector

Cyclone Dust Collector

Pulse Jet Dust Collector

Pulse Jet Dust Collector

Centralized Dust Collector

Centralized Dust Collector

Baghouse Dust Collector

Baghouse Dust Collector

What Type Of Dust Collector Machine Is Best?

In terms of sales, the sales of pulse bag dust collectors are the best.

Of course, you also need to consider the size of the dust collector, how the baghouse collects dust, and the area to be dusted.

Sometimes the detailed parameter table of the dust collector machine can also help you more. You can ask us for a detailed data table, model parameters, etc. After reading it, you will know what kind of dust collector is the best.

If you have any needs, you can contact us, and we have 10 years of experience in the manufacture of pulse jet dust collectors.

What Is A Pulse Dust Collector Used For?

The pulse bag filter has a large air volume, high filtration airspeed, good ash removal effect, and reliable operation.

It is widely used in electric power, metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, and other industries, especially the dust collection of a dry mortar production line, grinding production line, crushing, and other work sites.

Industrial Pulse Jet Dust Collector Price

There are many pulse jet dust collector manufacturers, but the quality is uneven.

The pulse bag dust collector price is determined by a variety of factors. The thickness of the steel plate determines the quality of the pulse dust collector machine. The bag's material is also essential, and the operation is user-friendly.

When you check the pulse dust collector factory, you must ask clearly about the air output of the pulse valve. When you need to import equipment from China, the Dust collector harbor freight also needs to be considered.

Because there are many pulse jet dust collectors models, the pulse dust collector price list is not listed here. If you need, please leave a message.

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