Raymond grinding mill

Raymond Grinding Mill

The feed size of Raymond grinding mill: 15-30mm.

Production capacity: 0.3-10 t/h.

Applicable materials: dolomite, limestone, potassium feldspar, barite, calcite, talc, marble, etc.

The finished particle size of the raymond grinding mill can be adjusted freely within the range of 80-325 mesh, and some materials can reach 2000 mesh.

What Is A Raymond Grinding Mill?

Raymond grinding mill is a general-purpose grinding mill, can process a variety of non-metallic ore and a variety of hardness below 9.3 materials, and grind these materials into powder, the particle size of the finished product can be up to 0.045mm.

The raymond mill grinds small pieces of material such as limestone, dolomite, granite, bauxite into powder products, and then applies them to roads, building materials, and other places where they are needed. The application is very extensive.

application of raymond grinding mill

Raymond Mill Working Principle

How does a raymond grinding mill work?

First, after the large block material is crushed to the required size by the jaw crusher, the material is sent to the storage bin by the belt conveyor, and then the material is uniformly and continuously fed into the mill by the vibrating feeder, and the material is sent to the mill by the vibrating feeder.

The powder will be carried away by the airflow of the fan if it is fully ground inside. After sieving by the analyzer, the powder that meets the requirements will enter the cyclone collection box along with the airflow for separation and collection, and the unqualified powder will be sent to the raymond grinding mill again for grinding until it becomes a qualified product.

Because the material being ground sometimes has certain water content, heat will be generated during grinding, which will cause the gas in the mill to evaporate and thus change the airflow.

The gas is introduced into the small cyclone collection box, and the excess fine powder is collected, and discharged into the atmosphere through the exhaust pipe of the small cyclone collector, or introduced into the dust collector. That is to increase the output, but also protect the environment.

Details of Raymond Grinding Mill

Raymond mill application: limestone, calcite, calcium carbonate, dolomite, barite, talc, gypsum, diabase, quartzite, bentonite, etc.

Raymond grinding mills are widely used in the grinding of metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, mining, and other mineral materials, suitable for processing various non-flammable and explosive ores with hardness less than 7 and humidity below 6%.

Raymond grinding mill details

Raymond grinding mill, also known as raymond mill, is a kind of grinding ma, using the advanced technology and structure of similar products at home and abroad, high efficiency, low power consumption, small footprint, small one-time investment.

The roller is pressed tightly on the ring under the action of centrifugal force, so when the roller and ring are worn, the output and fineness of the finished product will not be affected, and the replacement cycle of the roller and ring is long.

Advantage of Raymond Grinding Mill

The fineness of the finished powder is uniform, and the sieving rate is as high as 99%.

The granularity of the finished product milled by the raymond grinding mill can be adjusted arbitrarily in the range of 80-325 mesh, and some materials can reach 600 mesh.

Smooth transmission and high wear resistance

The transmission device adopts a hermetic gearbox and pulley, with stable transmission and reliable operation.

The core components of raymond mill use high-performance wear-resistant materials with high wear resistance.

The structure of the grinding roller has been updated, so that the grinding roller and the grinding roller shaft can complement each other, which improves the durability of the grinding roller and reduces the wear of wear parts.

The Raymond grinding mill is equipped with explosion-proof measures, which can greatly avoid accidental damage caused by the explosion of the Raymond mill.

Using a centralized control electrical system, the workshop can basically realize unmanned operation.

The electromagnetic vibrating feeder is adopted, which is continuous and uniform, easy to adjust, fuel-saving and power-saving, and easy to maintain.

Parameters of Raymond Grinding Mill

We mainly produce suspension roll Type Raymond mill, the main models are 6R4525, 5R4119, 4R3216, 3R75 Raymond grinding mill, and so on.

FUREIN Raymond grinding mill air selection is in the fan —— grinding shell —— cyclone separator —— fan circulation flow operation, so less dust, clean operation workshop, no pollution environment.

Parameter of Raymond Mill 4525 4119
Feed Size of Material (mm) ≤30 ≤25
Finished Size of Material (mm) 0.173-0.044 0.173-0.044
Capacity per 8 hours (t) 16-176 8-78
Center Shaft Speed (r/min) 82 105
Ring Diameter (mm) 1770 1400
Roller Diameter (mm) 450 410
Roller Height (mm) 250 190
Main Motor (kw) 132 75
Fan Motor (kw) 132 75
Analyzer Motor (kw) 18.5 7.5

Raymond Grinding Mill Production Line

Grinding Mill Production Line

Calcite Grinding Production Line

Material: calcite.

Capacity: 3-45t/h.

Configuration of grinding mill: jaw crusher, bucket elevator, Raymond mill, hopper, dust collector, collecting device, and other equipment.

Kaolin powder grinding mill production line

Kaolin Powder Grinding Mill Production Line

Materials: Kaolin

Capacity: 2-120t/h

Configuration: Jaw crusher, Raymond mill, bucket elevator, electromagnetic vibration feeder, powder separator and dust collector, etc.

Support Equipment of Raymond Grinding Mill

jaw stone crusher machine

Jaw Crusher

hammer crusher machine

Heavy Hammer Crusher

cone stone crusher machine

Cone Crusher