The primary purpose of putty is to fill the pores of the construction surface and to correct the deviation of the curve of the construction surface to lay the foundation for a uniform and smooth paint surface. What is the production process of the wall putty manufacturing machine? The putty powder consists of oil-based and water-based putty powder used in paint and emulsion paint construction. Water-based putty is a kind of construction putty with two forms: powder and gypsum; what are the advantages of different forms of the putty production line? Let's learn more about the following.

Composition of wall putty manufacturing machine

wall putty manufacturing machine production process

Raw material storage silo of wall putty manufacturing machine

Wall putty manufacturing machine is used to store bulk raw materials, generally using tank design, using tanker truck loading. Only 2 small tanks are needed for the storage of raw materials. The silo is used for storing small quantities of raw materials, such as rubber powder, auxiliaries, etc.

Batching bin of wall putty manufacturing machine

It comprises a hopper measuring scale, material supply auger, discharging device, micro material adding device, and computer control system. It can measure different raw materials automatically according to the formula, reducing labor intensity and environmental pollution and ensuring the putty powder's quality.

Wall putty mixing machine

There are many choices of mixers, such as a double spiral mixer machine, plow blade mixer, screw belt mixer, double shaft paddle gravity mixer, etc.

The requirements for wall putty mixers are uniform mixing, no dead space, high efficiency, wear-resistant equipment, and fast unloading speed. The two-shaft paddle gravity mixer is the most used in the wall putty manufacturing machine, and the plow blade mixer is the most used.

Automatic packing machine

There are two kinds of packaging machines: open bag and valve bag. The valve bag packaging machine is used more often for putty powder because the valve bag packaging does not need to sew the mouth, as long as one person can operate it.

However, this packaging machine is not suitable for packaging light materials, and the cost of the bag is slightly higher, but the packaging speed is fast. Open-pocket packaging scale can package various
materials, but the bags need to be sewn after filling. Compared with the valve bag packaging machine, the operator needs to increase one person in this packaging machine.

Dust collector

Used to recover the dust in the dry mortar production line for environmental protection. It is usually located at the top of a cement silo, at the feeding port of the elevator, etc.

Conveying system

The material conveying method for the wall putty manufacturing machine is horizontal and vertical; horizontal conveying can use a screw conveyor, and vertical conveying generally uses a bucket elevator.

Wall putty manufacturing machine production process

Usually, the wall putty manufacturing machine adopts a steel frame structure. Its production process is to lift raw materials (including sand, cement, fly ash, admixtures, pigments, polymers, short fibers, etc.) through the pump truck to the storage silo. After the bucket elevator, the materials are transported from the storage bin to the mixer machine, fully mixed, and then enter the finished bin to be mixed and wait for packaging. The whole wall putty production line can be run automatically, controlled by an instrument or computer, and the ingredients are more accurate; many large enterprises in China and abroad are using this kind of wall putty manufacturing machine.