Dry Mortar Mixer

  • Instead of a traditional chain transmission device.
  • extend using life more than 2-3 years.
  • Patented Sealed Design: Dust will never enter the bearing.
  • Material is wear-resistant manganese steel.
  • Cylinders control the host feeding door at the same time.
  • Adopts the adjustable detachable design.

There Are 2 Types Dry Mortar Mixer For You Choose

double shaft paddle dry mortar mixer

Double Shaft Paddle Dry Mortar Mixer

Belt Type Dry Mortar Mixer

Belt Dry Mortar Mixer Machine

Type 1: Double Shaft Paddle Dry Mortar Mixer

  • The dry mortar mixer has sufficient power and high mixing speed. The mixing time is 2-3 minutes per batch.
  • High mixing uniformity, the uniformity of the material can reach 99.5%.
  • Using paddle cross design, each paddle never fights, long service life.
  • 360° No dead Angle.
  • Even for materials with large differences in specific gravity, particle size, and shape, mixing does not produce segregation.
  • Discharging mode is a big open door, discharging speed is fast.
  • Material according to the material, choose carbon steel, stainless steel material.

The double shaft paddle dry mortar mixer machine working principle:

The dry mortar mixer is loaded with two blades rotating outwards at the same time.
Under the action of the drive device, the running track of the blades is intersecting and dislocated meshing.

Model WZH-2 WZH-3 WZH-4 WZH-6 WZH-10
Power(kw) 15 18.5 22 37 55
Weight(kg) 2300 2900 4800 6000 7800
Maximum Fills(kg) 600-1000 1000-1500 1200-2000 1800-3000 4000-6000
Uniformity for material more than 95% more than 95% more than 95% more than 95% more than 95%

Dry Mortar Mixer Application

Dry Mortar Plant

Dry Mortar Mixer In Dry Mortar Production Line

Tile Adhesive Manufacturing Plant

Dry Mortar Mixer In Dry Mix Mortar Plant

Wall Putty Manufacturing Machine

Dry Mortar Mixer In Small Dry Mix Mortar Machine

Type 2: Spiral Belt Dry Mortar Mixer Machine

  • Simple operation, low cost, can quickly generate income.
  • Adopt 3 layers bare belt mixer, mixing speed is fast.
  • Wide range of use, can mix a variety of mortar.
  • Small footprint, the output per hour up to 8T /h, 2-3 people operation.
  • The operation is a low noise mixer.
  • The dry mortar mixer is provided with an observation hole, cleaning hole, feeding port, unloading port, and so on.
  • Dry mortar mixer machine equipped with electric control cabinet, automatic unloading, save time.
  • The mixing time of the mixer machine is 5-8 minutes, and the uniformity of the material can reach more than 95%.
  • Cycloid needle reducer and motor directly connected reducer, fast speed, long service life.
  • Both ends of the main machine are provided with sealing strips to prevent dust leakage.

The convective mixing of the three-layer spiral ribbon mixer can fully combine the materials and mix evenly within 5 minutes.

Model LD500 LD1000 LD2000 LD300
Output(T/batch) 0.5 1 2 3
Mixing Time(per batch) 3-5mins 3-5mins 3-5mins 3-5mins
Motor Power(kw) 5.5 7.5 11 15
Rotate Speed(r/min) 24 24 24 24
Reducer Cycloidal Cycloidal Gearbox Gearbox
Weight(kg) 1000 1300 2200 2400
Floor Area Needed(㎡) 2.52 3.63 4.38 6

Spiral Belt Dry Mortar Mixer Application


Dry Mortar Mixer With Valve Packing Machine

1-6T/H Simple Dry Mix Mortar Plant

Dry Mortar Mixer In Tile Adhesive Making Machine

6-8T/H Dry Mix Mortar Plant

Dry Mortar Mixer In Small Wall Putty Manufacturing

Dry Mortar Mixer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What kind of materials can be mixed in a dry mortar mixing machine?

what dry mortars can produce by dry mix mortar machine

Adhesive mortar, plaster mortar, insulation mortar, tile grout, waterproofing putty, decoration mortar and above materials can all be produced. If your mortar is special, please consult us.

How to mix mortar in a mixer?

The material is conveyed to the mixer through the feeding screw conveyor. Either a paddle mixer or screw belt mixer can be used. Press the start button to start the mixing as shown in the video.

If you want to mix lacquer, what kind of mixer to choose?

Only a professional lacquer mixer is needed, as shown in the picture below.


If you want to mix concrete, what kind of mixer do you choose?

The size of the concrete is relatively large, so a professional concrete mixer should be used. You can choose three blenders according to your needs.

concrete mixer

JS Concrete Mixer

JZC concrete mixer

JZC Conrete Mixer

If you want to mix putty powder, what kind of mixer do you choose?

If you want to mix putty powder, you can choose a suitable dry mortar mixer according to your output.

If the output is 1-6t/h, we recommend you choose a screw mixer.

If the output is more than 8t/h, we recommend you choose a double-shaft paddle type dry mortar mixer machine

double shaft paddle dry mortar mixer

Paddle Dry Mortar Mixer

Belt Type Dry Mortar Mixer

Ribbon Dry Mortar Mixer

How to choose the most suitable dry mortar mixing machine?

  1. First, identify your needs. How much output do you want to achieve in a day?
  2. Look at the dry mortar mixer configuration when choosing, because the higher the configuration, the more uniform the mixture will be.
  3. There are many models of dry mortar mixing machine: FU100, FU200, FU300, FU500, FU1000, FU2000, FU3000, FU5000, etc. The output is 100kg/batch, 200kg/batch, 300kg/batch, 500kg/batch, 1000kg/batch, 2000kg/batch, 3000kg/batch, 5000kg/batch.

Problems needing attention during use a dry mortar mixer

Before using a dry mortar mixer, check whether bolts and nuts are loose, flat teeth, round teeth, and spindle nuts are loose. Turn the pulley by hand to check whether the machine is colliding.
The dry mix mortar machine rotation is flexible, whether there are sundries in the machine, boot idling for 3 minutes, no abnormal phenomenon, can start operation.
When the dry mortar mixer machine is working, it is necessary to pay attention to the removal of sundries in the materials. Iron stones and other objects are strictly prohibited to enter the machine to avoid damage to the machine
Feeding should be uniform, pay attention to the load degree of power, to avoid choking.

Which dry mortar mixer manufacturer is the best?

We are located in the central region of China manufacturing industry, is one of the top 10 dry mortar mixer suppliers, with advanced equipment, first-class service team, 7*24h engineers online answers, if you have any needs, please contact us.

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