Wet Concrete Batching Plant

wet concrete batching plant
wet concrete batching plant

Wet concrete batching plant is a fully automatic environmental protection type, it can automatically feed and mix, remote control command, one key intelligence.

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The advantages of wet concrete batching plant

  • High liquidity
  • Easy to operate
  • Compared with the dry mixing plant, it is more durable
  • Detachable, easy to transport, saving space
  • Fast feed speed
  • High productivity
  • Automatic batching can be realized
  • Small installation area
  • Can design a variety of layout forms according to the site, practical
  • Double shaft forced concrete mixer, high efficiency
  • LED control panel, computer control system
  • Configure pulse dust collector to make your environment more comfortable

Difference between wet concrete batching plant and dry mix concrete plant

The biggest difference between the two is that the wet batch concrete has a double shaft concrete mixer machine, dry mix concrete batching plant without it.

Read on for more on the difference:

Dry Batch Concrete Plant VS Wet Concrete Batching Plant

Wet concrete mixing plant composition

The wet concrete batching plant is mainly composed of a weighing system, aggregate system, mixing system, control system, storage system, and so on.

Wet mix concrete batching plants have central mixers, or concrete mixers, into which concrete, aggregate, and other mortars can be placed according to your needs.

Wet batch concrete is used in a wide range of applications and is ideal when you need a large area to cover.

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