It is always known that dry mix mortar plants can produce putty powder, tile adhesive, masonry mortar, self-leveling mortar, etc. Therefore, dry mortar plants are given many names according to the final product delivered, for example, wall putty manufacturing machines, tile adhesive manufacturing plants, self-leveling mortar production lines, etc. So let's talk about these types of dry mix mortar plants and what we need to pay attention to today.

Tile adhesive manufacturing plant

A tile adhesive manufacturing plant is a production line that produces various types of tile adhesives. These adhesives are mainly used for fixing tiles on walls, floors, and other surfaces. Additionally, the plant can be customized to meet specific requirements and produce various tile adhesive formulations.

tile adhesive making machine

Wall putty manufacturing machine

A wall putty manufacturing machine produces or manufactures putty powder, also known as wall putty. It is a dry powder mixture used to smooth the surface of walls or ceilings before painting. Wall putty manufacturing machines are typically used in plants for mass production of wall putty.

wall putty manufacturing machine

Plaster mortar production line

A plaster mortar production line is a facility that produces plaster mortar, a part of dry mortar production lines used in the production processes of various types of artillery. The finished product can be packed in bags or in bulk according to your need.


Self-leveling mortar production line

Self-leveling mortar is a type of mortar that can be used to create a flat and smooth surface without the need for additional leveling. There are production lines available for producing self-leveling mortar, such as the mini self-leveling mortar production line, which has a capacity of 1-8 TPH.

self leveling mortar

Masonry mortar production line

The masonry mortar production line is used to produce various types of mortar used to construct masonry structures such as brick, stone, and concrete blocks. The production line mainly includes a mixing, packaging, and storage system. The masonry mortar production line is fully automated and requires minimal human intervention. This ensures that the mortar is high quality and the production process is efficient.


Skim Coat Mortar Production Line

Skim coat mortar is a type of finishing material that is applied to interior walls and ceiling surfaces to provide a smooth and even finish. It is also used for repairing cracks, holes, or uneven surfaces before painting or wallpapering.

Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint Production Line

A thermoplastic road marking paint production line is the set of equipment to produce road marking paint. As critical equipment, the thermoplastic road marking paint plant can provide a fully automatic production line with high working speed and good performance. The thermoplastic road marking paint machinery is widely used on roads, highways, and bridges for lane lines or vehicle crosswalks markings.

Thermoplastic road marking paint plant

Thermal Insulation Mortar Production Line

Thermal insulation mortar is a special type of mortar used for insulating walls, roofs, and other structures that require temperature regulation. As a result of its unique properties, thermal insulation mortar has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. As a result, a considerable number of manufacturers have started to produce thermal insulation mortar.

Thermal Insulation Mortar Production Line

As a dry mortar plant manufacturer, we have been manufacturing dry mortar plants for several years and have produced various types of dry mortar plants professionally. We have gained valuable experience and expertise in this field during this time. This experience has helped us refine our processes, improve our products, and provide better customer service.

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