What Is Self Leveling Mortar?

Self-leveling mortar is composed of special cement, selected aggregates and various additives.

After mixing with water, it forms a self-leveling foundation material with strong fluidity and high plasticity.

For fine leveling of concrete floors and all floor coverings.

Self leveling mortar is a dry mixed mortar material composed of a variety of active ingredients, which can be used by mixing with water on site.

The hardening speed is fast, and you can walk on it within 24 hours.

The construction is fast and simple, which is unmatched by traditional manual leveling.

For more information on self-leveling mortar, please refer to Wikipedia.

self leveling mortar

Features of Self Leveling Mortar

  1. The construction is simple, convenient and quick.
  2. Wear-resistant, durable, economical and environmentally friendly.
  3. Excellent fluidity, automatic and precise leveling of the ground.
  4. The elevation is not increased, and the ground layer is 2-5 mm thin, saving materials and reducing costs.
  5. Good adhesion, smooth and not hollow.
  6. It is widely used in fine leveling of civil and commercial indoor floors.
  7. Harmless to the human body, no radiation.
self leveling mortar

Advantages of Self Leveling Mortar

The construction is simple, and an approximate free fluid slurry can be formed by adding an appropriate amount of water, which can be quickly expanded to obtain a high flatness floor.

The construction speed is fast, the economic benefit is large, and it is 5-10 times higher than the traditional manual leveling, and it can be used for traffic and load in a short time, which greatly shortens the construction period.

The pre-mixed product has uniform and stable quality, and the construction site is clean and tidy, which is conducive to civilized construction and is a green and environmentally friendly product.

Good anti-moisture resistance, strong protection of the surface layer, strong practicability, and a wide range of applications.

self leveling mortar

How To Make Self Leaving Mortar?

First, you need a self-leveling mortar formula.

Here I will not list the self leveling mortar formulations, if you need to contact me.

The purpose is not the same, the dry mortar formula is not the same, such as PVC floor and cements self leveling mortar.

Also consider the cost of self leveling mortar, which you can ignore if you have a mine at home.

Note the hardness and ductility of self leveling mortar.

How much water to add is also important.

In short, if you want to get the most suitable self-leveling mortar formulation for you, you need to take into account the temperature and humidity of your area, and then continue to experiment until you get a stable, affordable, malleable self leveling mortar formulation.

After getting the self-leveling mortar formula, let's talk about how to make self leveling mortar?

All we need is a self leveling mortar machine, the dry mix mortar plant.

The raw materials are put into the feeding port in proportion, and the raw materials are fully mixed in the mortar mixer machine. Finally, the self-leveling mixed mortar is packed into bags by packing machine.

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