How to choose a dry mortar mixing machine?

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The dry mortar material that uses more on building material has two kinds: dry mortar and wall putty powder. Heat preservation mortar also belongs to the category of dry mortar; these materials are in the primary production method is to mix stir, such: Cement, drying sand, fly ash, cellulose, polystyrene particles are mixed evenly

How To Choose The Right Dry Mortar Mixer Machine?

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Application of dry mortar mixer machine Bonding mortar: such as tile adhesive, caulking agent, special bonding mortar, thermal mortar, etc.; Plastering mortar: such as interior and exterior wall plastering, putty, colored decorative mortar, partition Thermal insulation mortar, etc.; Masonry mortar: such as ordinary masonry mortar, special thin-bed mortar for concrete

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