Just start a business, how to choose dry mix mortar plant?

As the demand for dry mortar business increases, a dry mix mortar plant can make you more profitable.

For those who just started the business of dry mortar, it is more important to choose a set of economical and affordable dry mix mortar production lines.

A dry mortar plant does not have specific specifications like a concrete batching plant. It is not necessary to have an extensive product line for newer. If your investment is limited, the following 2 dry mix production lines may be considered:

Small dry mix mortar proudction line

simple dry mix mortar production line for sale

Simple dry mix mortar production line capacity can up 5t/h.

This line’s overall composition is simple, low investment, and the operation power is standard, covering about 3-4 meters of space. It is mainly composed of a belt mixing machine, feeding machine, screw conveyor, and air compressor, and the output can reach 5/h.

Simple dry mix mortar plant with a storage bin can be added

It output can reach 8t/h, as shown below:


Small dry mix production line with a finished container.

This simple dry mix mortar production line adds a finished product storage bin and an automatic metering and packaging machine compared to a stand-alone production facility. This improves the continuity of production and improves the speed with which the staff can pack the product. This line can produce 1-2 tons of dry mortar products at a time, and its working capacity can reach 5-6T/H.

How do small enterprises choose a dry mix mortar plant?

We recommend small enterprises choose a semi automatic dry mix mortar machine.

For small enterprises or an individual investment, it is recommended to choose a dry mix mortar plant with a small investment and high return and expand this line after obtaining certain benefits.

It is recommended to choose a semi-auto dry mortar mix plant composed of this kind of double-shaft mixer, as shown in the figure:

semi auto dry mix mortar plant with double shaft mixing machine

Semi-auto dry mix mortar plant with double shaft mixing machine

It needs to be reminded that Its cost is higher, and the output is similar to that of the ribbon mixing machine. However, its advantage is that if the company needs to expand production or reduce labor input in the later stage, it can be directly upgraded.

Add automatic batching to achieve automated production, which is more suitable for small enterprises with long-term development goals.

How do large enterprises choose dry mortar mix plants?

full automatic Tile Adhesive Manufacturing Plant

Full automatic dry mortar mixing plant for sale

Large enterprises with sufficient budgets can choose a fully automatic dry mortar mixing plant.

At present, the large-scale dry mortar manufacturing plants on the market all adopt the layout of the tower structure, which saves area and facilitates management.

The automatic dry mix mortar manufacturing plant comprises a feeding elevator, double-shaft dry mortar mixer, finished product bin, valve bag filling machine, computerized measuring, electric control cabinet, and working platform.

At the upper end of the main mixer, a pre-mixed bin can be installed to improve the working efficiency of the main machine. It has a fully automated operation system, which saves staffing to the greatest extent, and the output per hour is about 10-15 tons.

How to choose a dry mix mortar manufacturing plant if you want to increase output?

After a production period, if you have your customers and channels and want to increase the output, how to choose a dry mix mortar plant?

Engineers will add or modify the equipment according to your existing equipment to meet the requirements of large output. Still, it is worth noting that the dry mortar production line you already have must be a twin-shaft mixer machine, not a ribbon mixer.

Based on the double-shaft mixer, adding ingredients in the upper warehouse, a weighing system, and improving the conveying system can significantly increase your output.

Every customer is unique, and there are many solutions; please get in touch with us if you are unsure how to retrofit.