First, let a variety of factors determine the dry mix mortar plant price us ignore these factors and talk about how much it costs to invest in a dry mix mortar plant?

Next, let’s talk about other factors that affect the price of dry mix mortar plants.

Different capacity, different prices

The dry mix mortar plant is a production line, and it is not a single machine; the price is composed of many parts.

According to the structure of the dry mix mortar machine, it can be divided into a small dry mix mortar production line and an automatic dry mix mortar plant.

Small dry mix mortar production line price

The small dry mix mortar production line uses a ribbon mixer, a screw conveyor, a storage tank, and an automatic packaging machine, thus forming a set of economical, practical, reasonable, and efficient dry mix mortar production lines.

The dry mortar production line capacity is 3-4 tons per day, the total height is not more than 4m, the floor area is less than 20m, the operation is stable, the maintenance is simple, and the output is high, and the noise is low. It is an ideal choice for small and medium-sized enterprises. A set of simple dry mix mortar production lines costs $5,000 or more.

1-6T/H Simple Dry Mix Mortar Plant

Full automatic dry mix mortar plant price

Generally, the automatic dry mix mortar plant's main parts include the raw material storage system, mixing system, pneumatic conveying system, batching weighing system, and packaging system.

The dry mortar mixer is the central part, and the others are auxiliary. Of course, if the customer has very high environmental protection requirements, a dust collector can be added.

A fully automatic dry mix mortar plant needs more than 10,000 US dollars, but this is not absolute; it also needs to consider your site, environment, budget, labor, and other factors.

Full auto dry mortar production line

Other factors affecting the price of dry mix mortar plant

Your installation area

Your installation area determines the size of the equipment. If it is only a dozen square meters, you can only assemble a simple dry mix mortar production line, so the cost will not be too high. Of course, the capacity will not be significant. If you want more profit, you need to increase the scale of the venue.

How many workers do you have?

If you don't have enough workers, you can consider purchasing fully automatic equipment, a production line that only needs 3 workers.

Your budget

The cost of dry mix mortar plant includes purchasing equipment, labor cost, material cost, transportation cost, etc. In the case of limited budget, the most profitable thing is more worth doing.

Your market

To build a dry mix mortar plant, you need to reap the benefits, which require you to do complete market research first. It includes the market competition, market share, etc. You need essential to summarize your advantages and create highlights of the product.

Your dry mix mortar plant supplier

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