Are you curious how Dry pack Mortar is made?

It’s a complicated process.

Before we do that, do you know what dry pack mortar is?

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Let’s start with a picture.

How to make dry pack mortar

It can be seen from this picture that raw materials such as sand and cement were put into the “Feeding Port”, entered the ribbon mixer machine and mixed evenly, and then entered the finished product bin. The automatic valve bagging machine packed the mixed dry pack mortar into bags.

Automatic packaging machine requiring manual insertion of bags.

Robot automatic valve port packaging machine.

Raw Materials for Dry Pack Mortar

The main raw materials of dry pack mortar are:

Cement; Sand; Heavy Calcium Powder; Redispersible polymer powder; Additive, etc.

Type of Dry Pack Mortar

There are many kinds of dry pack mortar and its application is very wide.

Dry pack mortar has the functions of bonding, decoration, protection, and padding.

Dry pack mortar with bonding function mainly has masonry mortar, wall and floor tile paste mortar, jointing mortar, anchoring mortar, etc.

Dry pack mortar with decorative function mainly includes all kinds of plastering mortar, interior, and exterior wall putty, color decorative mortar, etc.

The protection dry pack mortar has waterproof mortar, corrosion-resistant mortar, ground self-leveling mortar, wear-resistant mortar, heat preservation mortar, repair mortar, mildew-proof mortar, and so on.

Filter Material of Dry Pack Mortar

Cement, sand these fillers after crushing, drying, and then sieving into coarse, medium, fine three types, particle size: 4mm ~ 2mm, 2mm ~ 0.1mm, fine material in 0.1mm below.

Ordinary dry pack mortar can be used both pulverized limestone, also can be dried, screened sand as aggregate.

If sand quality can be used in advanced structural concrete, it must meet the requirements of producing dry mix mortars.

Additives of Dry Pack Mortar

The additive is an important part of dry pack mortar.

In order to increase the cohesive force of dry mortar, improve the crack resistance of mortar, reduce the permeability, so as to improve the construction performance of dry mortar, reduce production cost.

Such as polymer rubber powder, wood fiber, hydroxymethyl cellulose ether, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, modified polypropylene fiber, PVA fiber, and a variety of water reducing agent.

How To Make Dry Pack Mortar?

So if you know where dry pack mortar comes from, how to make dry pack mortar, what kind of machine do you make dry pack mortar?

Dry pack mixing plant generally consists of feeding system, mixing system, unloading system, storage system, packaging system, control system, and so on.

The following video of dry mix mortar plant will tell you the working principle:

Dry Pack Mortar Mixing Plant Working Principle

Sand, cement and other raw materials are put into the feed port, into the dry mixer machine for full mixing, after mixing into the storage system, and finally mixed materials into the packaging machine for packaging.


15TPH Dry Mix Mortar Plant Diagram

Types of Dry Pack Mortar Mixing Plant

Type 1: Small Dry Pack Mortar Mixing Plant

wall putty making machine

Capacity at 1-8 t/h dry packing mortar mixing plant

Dry Mortar Plant

Capacity at more than 30 t/h dry pack mortar mixing plant

Dry Pack Mortar Mixing Plant Price

The size of the dry mortar machine and degree of automation directly determine the dry pack mortar mixing plant price, we are a professional dry mix mortar plant manufacturer, will provide you with professional solutions, service team 24/7 online.