Why is your screw conveyor slow to feed?

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Why is your screw conveyor slow to feed? Here's a choice question for you (multiple choices allowed): Reasons for slow feeding of screw conveyor ( ) A. Arching of powder tank material B. Insufficient material in the powder tank C. The butterfly valve of the powder tank is opened too small

Sensors For Dry Mortar Production Line

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Application of sensors in the dry mortar production line The market dry mortar production line is developed from mechanical operation to intelligent control through PLC. In the dry mortar production process, according to the different needs of customers, a variety of materials, according to different ratios and mixing, no matter what

What Is The Difference Between Cement Mortar And Dry Mix Mortar?

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What is the difference between cement mortar and dry mix mortar? Cement mortar is a mixture of cement, sand, and the appropriate water for on-site construction. Dry mortar is a mixture of cement, sand, chemical additives, etc., mixed in specific proportions, then mechanically mixed and packaged and sealed, and then mixed with the right

Dry Mortar Mix Ratio :A Variety Of Dry Mortar Mix Ratios For Your Reference

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Generally speaking, the dry mortar mix ratio needs to be adjusted according to the specific use, and different materials and proportions are required for different environments. Here I will list the standard dry mortar mix ratios for your reference. Masonry mortar ratio Masonry mortar is commonly used for brickwork, blockwork, and stone masonry. The

Ordinary Dry Mortar VS Special Dry Mortar

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Dry mortar refers to pre-mixed masonry materials composed of cement, sand, and additives stored in bags and mixed with water before use. There are two main types of dry mortar: ordinary dry mortar and special dry mortar. What is ordinary dry mortar? Ordinary dry mortar is a mixture of cement, sand,

What Is Fly Ash

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What is fly ash? Fly ash is a byproduct of coal combustion in power plants. It is composed of fine, powdery particles carried up with exhaust gases and collected by electrostatic precipitators or other methods. Fly ash is typically composed of oxides of silicon (SiO2), aluminum (Al2O3), iron (Fe2O3), calcium (CaO),

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