Sand Making Machine

  • Feed particle size ≤60mm.
  • Capacity: 12-520t/h.
  • Power: 37-400kw.
  • Finished product size:2.5-3.5mm (fine sand), 3.5-5.5mm (medium sand), more than 5mm.

Advantage of Sand Making Machine

Stone in the sand making machine is hit, accelerated, impact, impact, friction so that the ore is broken, and until the set material specifications, VSI sand making machine is an advanced and low consumption machine.

VSI sand-making machine has the purpose of crushing, high crushing efficiency, less consumption. And its broken products have a uniform particle size, natural grain shape, solid and stable materials, so it is often used in the construction and engineering with requirements on sand and stone materials.

VSI sand making machine can effectively shape, broken products are cubic, low needle flake content, sand grain type can be adjusted, the quality of aggregate is high.

Sand making machine has reliable operation and convenient operation, which meets the requirements of building sand quality. Moreover, it can combine various types of machines according to different requirements to meet the different technological requirements of customers, and the sand-making machine cost is less.

Sand Making Machine Working Site

  • Processing materials: river pebbles.
  • Output: 200t/h.
  • Configuration: sand making machine, jaw crusher, sand washing machine, roller screen, belt conveyor, etc.
  • Advantage: the whole sand making plant has compact structure, saves floor area, high automation, can save the manual management cost, the complete configuration of dust removal device, to achieve less dust operation, at present this sand making plant has big economic benefits.

Sand making machine is composed of the feed hopper, distributor, impeller, spindle, base, turbine, and electric device.

Types of Sand Making Machine

Types Feed Size of Material Power Impeller Speed Capacity Oversize(mm)
FU-06 35mm 2P 37-55kw 2000-3000r/min 12-30t/h 2500*1620*2600
FU-07 45mm 4P 55-75kw 1500-2500r/min 25-55t/h 2700*1760*2800
FU-09 50mm 4P 110-150kw 1200-2000r/min 55-100t/h 3900*2000*3070
FU-10 60mm 4P 150-180kw 1000-1700r/min 100-160t/h 4600*2350*3450

Specification of VSI Sand Making Machine

Types Capacity(t/h) Max. Feeding Size(mm) Rotate Speed(r/min) Power(kw) Oversize(mm)
VSI-7611 80-180 35 1700-1890 4P 110 4100*2250*2300
VSI-8518 140-260 40 1520-1690 4P 180 4160*2320*2900
VSI-9526 200-380 45 1360-1510 4P 264 4560*2450*2830
VSI-1140 300-520 50 1150-1300 4P 400 5500*2700*3100
VSI-1145 350-610 50 1150-1300 4P 440 5500*2700*3100
VSI-1150 360-650 50 1150-1300 4P 500 5500*2700*3100

The above parameters of VSI sand crusher are for reference only, if you want to know more, please contact us or leave a message, our technical team will send you more details about the sand making machine.

Sand Making Machine Price

What factors determine the sand making machine price?

If you want to buy a set of sand making machine, you will find that the sand making machine price in the market varies greatly, from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. So why is the sand making machine price difference so big? What factors determine the price of sand making machine?

Inputs Cost

Your budget will directly affect the sand making machine price. When you ask the price for sand making machine supplier, how much is a set of sand making machine? They will ask your budget, and then according to your budget, try to configure the sand making plant that you can accept. The higher the cost, the higher the automation.


There are different types of sand making machines. Large sand-making machine has strong adaptability to materials, high output, and high price. It is more suitable for large processing plants.

The corresponding small sand making machine is more suitable for small and medium-sized sand making plants, and the small sand making machine price of sand making machine will be cheaper.

Quality Differentiation

Want to believe from beginning to end "one cent price one cent goods", do not pursue bottom price blindly, the performance of the product, guarantee period, later period service should consider.

Price of Raw Materials

The price of steel directly determines the price of sand making machine. As the price of steel goes up, so does the sand making machine price.

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