FUREIN Small Jaw Crusher

What is a small jaw crusher?

The jaw crusher is like the upper and lower jaws of people, it can chew objects, it can crush hard stones, and drive the jaw plate to move up and down through the eccentric shaft. To achieve the purpose of being broken, it has a strong bite force, hence the name of this crusher.

The jaw cavity of the small jaw crusher for sale is not so large, it is mainly used to crush small pieces of material, the maximum feed size is 200mm, and it is widely used in mining, building materials, highways and other industries.

Small Jaw Crusher For Sale

FUREIN Machinery is small jaw crusher manufacturer with 10+ years of production experience, small jaw rock crusher can be divided into fixed and mobile type. and according to the different power, it can be divided into diesel and electric small stone jaw crusher.

PE 250* 400 small jaw crusher for sale

Small Jaw Crusher For Sale

small jaw rock crusher for sale

Small Jaw Rock Crusher For Sale

small portable jaw crusher for sale

Small Portable Jaw Crusher For Sale

diesel engine jaw crusher

Diesel Engine Jaw Crusher

How Does Small Jaw Crusher Work?

The motor drives the belt, the belt drives the pulley, jaw plate is divided into moving jaw and fixed jaw, under the action of the eccentric shaft, the moving jaw plate will be used up and down, when the moving jaw plate rises, the Angle between the two jaw plates becomes larger, moving jaw plate close to the fixed jaw plate, while crushing the stone.

When the moving jaw plate falls, the Angle between the two jaw plates becomes smaller, and under the action of the power, the broken material is discharged from the jaw cavity.

The crushed stone can be passed through a grinding mill, ground into particles, and then made into dry mortars.

Surprising Small Jaw Crusher Machine Advantages

  • The "chewing" effect of the jaw plate is used to break the stone, and the stone between the two jaw plates is broken by shearing, splitting, extrusion and other effects.
  • The finished product specifications are higher, more three-dimensional, no needle finished products.
  • Small jaw crushers, laboratory jaw crushers, and even mini jaw crushers are the best choices for rock materials.
  • The jaw cavity is deep, the overall bite force is strong, and the crushing force is uniform.
  • The flexibility of the jaw rock crusher is high, and the discharge mouth is adjustable to meet your various needs.
  • The structure is simple and robust, the frame is welded as a whole, and the jaw plate is made of cast steel, which is easy to install and maintain.
  • The noise is relatively low in crushing, and the dust is less.
  • We provide electric and diesel power.
  • The use of large-capacity bearings and an oil-free lubrication system can also use the oil on the bearing to isolate dust.
  • Standard broken jaw crusher parts make it easier to replace all worn parts, saving maintenance costs.
  • For small jaw crushers for sale, we have stock and can deliver at any time.

Do You Have A Small Jaw Rock Crusher Rental Plans?

With the development of science and technology, now the small jaw crusher price is more and more transparent. so do you have a small jaw crusher rental plans?

If you are near me, it is ok. If there is a problem in the operation of the jaw crusher, our engineers can help you solve it.

If you are abroad and want to small jaw crusher rental, I think it might be better to buy a new one.

If your stone crusher has trouble in work, may have a time difference between you and me, even though our engineer can video to help you solve difficulties, but it sounded very troublesome, and more importantly, small jaw crusher rental costs more expensive than buying a small jaw crusher, if you buy a small jaw crusher, ownership is yours; you don't have to return it after use, But if you have a crusher rental plan, you have to consider the cost of returning it, and shipping rates are going up right now.

If you have a small jaw crusher machine rental plan, then you can go on Google and search: "small jaw crusher for sale in Australia", "small jaw crusher for sale in Canada", "small jaw crusher rental near me", etc., your cost will save more.

Small Portable Jaw Crusher For Sale

It can be fixed or mobile, and small portable jaw crusher can help you deal with rocks in a variety of environments, but it has a limited yield.

If you need to deal with a lot of rocks, and the conditions are harsh, you can choose the mobile jaw crusher plant.

small portable jaw crusher for sale

How To Build A Small Jaw Crusher?

The small jaw rock crusher is a crusher that is composed of two jaw plates, a movable jaw and a static jaw, to complete the material crushing operation by simulating the movement of the two jaws of animals.

An existing small jaw crusher comprises two jaw plates, a movable jaw plate and a static jaw plate. The crankshaft is installed on the frame in a reciprocating motion approaching and away from the static jaw plate; by cooperating with the connecting rod connected between the static jaw plate and the frame, the toggle plate is pivotally connected to the movable jaw plate through one end of the connecting seat arranged at both ends. The other end of the toggle plate is pivotally connected to the frame; the motor drives the flywheel to reciprocate the movable jaw plate eccentrically arranged on the flywheel shaft to crush the stones in the crushing chamber.

If you want to build a small jaw crusher by yourself, maybe our engineers can help you. Building a small jaw crushe has a great sense of achievement.

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