What is the difference between cement mortar and dry mix mortar?

Cement mortar is a mixture of cement, sand, and the appropriate water for on-site construction.

Dry mortar is a mixture of cement, sand, chemical additives, etc., mixed in specific proportions, then mechanically mixed and packaged and sealed, and then mixed with the right amount of water when used. Dry-mixed mortars are usually of more consistent quality and more efficient, as they avoid errors and waste in the field mixing process.

Cement mortar and dry-mixed mortar are two common materials used in construction, and they differ in the following ways:

1. Material composition: Cement mortar mainly consists of cement, lime, and sand, while dry-mixed mortar adds various additives, such as expansion agents, polymers, etc., to improve its performance and efficiency.

2. Usage: Cement mortar needs to be blended with water to become mortar before it is used, while dry-mixed mortar is directly mixed with water for construction, which is convenient and fast.

3. Characteristics: The strength of cement mortar is higher than that of dry-mixed mortar, but the adhesion and adaptability are poor, and cracking is easy to occur; dry-mixed mortar is adjusted according to the required ratio to achieve the required characteristics.

4. Construction environment: Cement mortar needs to pay attention to environmental factors such as temperature and humidity during construction, otherwise it may have poor curing and other problems; dry-mixed mortar is more suitable for construction in some unique environments because it contains chemical additives that can improve its water resistance, crack resistance, and other properties.

5. Service life: Compared with cement mortar, dry-mixed mortar pays more attention to the uniformity and stability of the material and has higher mechanical strength and service life.

In a word, cement and dry mix mortar have their characteristics and applicability and will select according to specific needs before construction.

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