Granite as a high hardness material stone, for its crushing, generally chooses a crusher with high compressive strength. For granite material, recommend jaw crusher, cone crusher, mobile crusher, these are suitable for granite crusher, its capacity is strong, high efficiency.

For the granite stone crushing plant with small and medium output, the jaw crusher+ impact crusher can be adopted.

jaw stone crusher machine

Jaw Crusher

The jaw crusher is used for the primary crushing of granite, and the impact crusher is used for the integral crushing, so as to achieve the crushing effect of excellent grain shape.

hammer crusher machine

Impact Crusher

For the granite stone crushing plant with large output, the three-stage crushing machine should be used as far as possible, the jaw crusher + fine jaw crusher/cone crusher + impact crusher can be adopted.

For granite crushers with low grain size requirements, a two-stage jaw crusher can be adopted. Although the grain size is poor, it can greatly reduce the operating cost and investment cost.

fine jaw crusher

Fine Jaw Crusher

cone stone crusher machine

Cone Crusher

Granite Crusher Working Site

Capacity: 50-800 t/h.

Configuration: vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, cone crusher, vibrating screen, belt conveyor, and other equipment as shown in the picture.


Granite Stone Crushing Plant

Advantage of Granite Crusher

  1. Strong crushing force. Especially like granite such hardness, crushing effect is good, the finished product particle size is good.
  2. High capacity, granite crusher adopts advanced design, which can greatly improve the output.
  3. Low failure rate. Granite crusher uses wear-resistant steel, so that the service life of the granite crusher is prolonged, and the failure rate is low in the work.
  4. Obvious investment advantages. Whether it is a jaw crusher or a mobile crushing plant, choosing the right granite crusher for different needs can increase your efficiency and save your investment costs.

Granite Crusher Working Process

Stage 1: coarse granite crusher

The granite bulk material is evenly fed by the vibrating feeder through the raw material silo, and transported to the jaw crusher for coarse crushing.

The crushed coarse material is screened by the vibrating screen and then transported to the impact crusher or cone crusher for fine crushing by the belt conveyor.

The second stage: medium/finely granite crusher machine

After primary crushing, the granite transported to the impact crusher/cone crusher is screened by a circular vibrating screen, and the larger particles are sent back to the impact crusher/cone crusher for re-crushing.

The third stage: sand making

After secondary crushing, granite can be made into the sand. If clean granite is needed, it can be sent to the sand washing machine for cleaning. Then enter the impact sand-making machine.

Stage four: packaging for granite

Packaging and storage of finished materials after drying.

The features of the granite stone crushing plant:

  1. In order to guarantee the continuity of the whole granite stone crushing plant, we redesign the center of raw material, so that each part is independent and can be separated from production, if a part needs repair, it will not affect other production. Reasonable use of electricity also can save running costs.
  2. 2 set of vibrating feeders is equipped for granite crusher. The control switch of the feeder is installed on the operating cabinet of the main control room, which can control the feed amount according to the need, in order to ensure continuous production.
  3. The granite crusher machine adopts three-stage crushing, fully considering the matching of technical parameters between each crusher, so as to ensure the grain quality, and well deal with the requirements of crushing ratio.

Granite Crusher Application

Granite can be widely used in water conservancy and hydropower, highway, railway, chemical industry, building materials, and other industries.

Granite stone is a good building stone because of its high hardness and moderate compressive strength.

Due to the high content of needle-flake granite, if the stone is processed into building specifications, it must be broken by three stages or shaped by a sand-making machine, to ensure good particle and shape.

According to the characteristics of granite stone, we designed a set of reasonable crushing technology.

When considering the investment cost of the granite crusher, also consider the cost of the granite stone crushing plant. Its structure is simple, energy consumption is low, production capacity is large.

Granite abrasion is very strong, in the process of crushing, the loss of wear parts of equipment is very high.

Therefore, we choose a granite crusher based on the principle of lamination to reduce wear. The typical stone crusher configuration is jaw crusher, cone crusher, sand-making machine, vibrating screen, etc.

The finished material conforms to the international standard and is high-quality concrete aggregate. According to your need to choose dust collector machine.