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Tile Adhesive Manufacturing Plant

The customer has mine resources. The whole production line is: crushing production line ----- grinding mill machine ----- sand drying plant ---- tile adhesive manufacturing plant.

The customer established the whole production line at the seaside, and took into account the corrosiveness of the sea breeze, and made anti-corrosion treatment on all the equipment surfaces. Even in a humid environment, the machine will not be damaged. The legs of all cement silos are thickened to make them more stable.

This is a relatively complicated tile adhesive manufacturing plant. Our company sent 3 engineers to install the machine for customers. After more than 20 days of hard work, it was finally completed. They also used 10 days to train workers.

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150,000 tons per year



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Tile Adhesive Manufacturing Plant
Main Parts of Tile Adhesive Manufacturing Plant
Tile Adhesive Manufacturing Plant with Robotic Bag Palletizer
Sand Dryer
Packing Machine of Tile Adhesive Manufacturing Plant

Project Gallery