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Tile Adhesive Making Machine

A tile adhesive making machine, also known as a tile adhesive production line, is versatile equipment for manufacturing various tile adhesives. It is an essential tool for producing high-quality tile adhesives in the construction industry.

The tile adhesive making machine also can produce many dry mortars, such as tile adhesive, wall putty, ready mix mortar, most of the bonding mortar, repair mortar, masonry mortar, and so on.

According to your output, you can choose a paddle belt mixer or double shaft weightless dry mortar mixer. The whole production line has a high degree of automation, which can realize automatic feeding, automatic discharging, and automatic packaging and can also be connected to a palletizer. This is a real high-return dry mix mortar machine.


Capacity about 10t/h

Types of Tile Adhesive Making Machine

tile adhesive making machine

More Than 30T/H Tile Adhesive Making Machine

tile adhesive making machine

About 20T/H Tile Adhesive Making Machine

small tile adhesive making machine

About 5T/H Tile Adhesive Making Machine

Improved Tile Adhesive Making Machine

  • The improved tile adhesive making machine capacity at 10-15t/h.
  • The tile adhesive mixing machine is a double shaft mixer machine.
  • The output can up to 12t/h, suitable for small volume production. Low investment and small footprint.
  • When a set of small tile adhesive making machines was installed, generally speaking, the height of the whole machine was less than 3.5m, and the footprint was less than 2 square meters.
  • It adopted a ribbon tile adhesive mixing machine, and the batch mixing time is about 15 minutes per batch.
tile adhesive making machine
tile adhesive making machine
tile adhesive making machine

Tile Adhesive Making Machine With Sand Dryer

  • The power of the double shaft tile adhesive mixing machine determines the output of the tile adhesive making machine.
  • Sometimes the moisture content of raw materials is higher than 5%, usually, a set of sand drying plants is configured to quickly dry the moisture of sand.
  • After drying, the drying sand is quickly put into a tile adhesive making machine for further processing through a belt conveyor.
  • Sand dryer is the best partner of tile adhesive making machines.
tile adhesive making machine with sand dryer
tile adhesive making machine with sand dryer
tile adhesive making machine with sand dryer

Tile Adhesive Making Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Components of automatic tile adhesive making machine?

  • Detachable bolted cement silo, generally matched with an outdoor bucket elevator.
  • Cement silos are often used together with concrete mixing stations and dry mortar stations, it is detachable, we called it bolted cement silo.
  • Mainly used to store bulk materials such as cement, fly ash, sand, etc.
  • The bottom of the bolted cement silo is a cylindrical steel bracket, and the discharge height of the cement silo can be customized according to the actual situation of the customer.
bolted cement silo

Tile Adhesive Making Machine

The mixing system is designed to thoroughly blend the measured raw materials. It typically includes a mixer, such as a spiral ribbon mixer or a twin-shaft paddle mixer, which ensures uniform mixing quickly.

Double shaft paddle tile adhesive mixing machine, usually there is a premix hopper on the top, and the end production hopper is below the mixer machine.

The non-gravity tile adhesive making machine is mainly used for anti-cracking mortar, thermal insulation mortar, bonding mortar, surface mortar, floor mortar and other powder materials with high mixing uniformity requirements, such as dry mortar, bonding mortar, putty powder, tile adhesive, and so on.

tile adhesive mixing machine

Packing System

You can choose an automatic valve packing machine, automatic open port packing machine, or in bulk according to your convenience.
• The picture on the right is a picture of the valve packing machine, which has the characteristics of fastpacking speed and high accuracy of weighing.
• If your bag is a valve packing bag, then choose the valve packing machine.
• If your bag is an open bag, then choose the open port packing machine.

valve bag filling machine

Control System

There are 2 control systems for you to choose, electric control system and PLC control cabinet.

PLC is the abbreviation of Programmable Logic Controller.

The PLC control system interface is simple and easy to understand, easy to operate, high in automation, saving labor and improving production efficiency.

control system for tile adhesive making machine

Dedust Collector System

You can choose between a pulse dust collector and an economical dust collector.

The high-efficiency pulse dust collector can help you collect dust better and purify the environment.

The bag filter for the packing machine is economical and can help you collect dust at a lower cost.

dust collector

Working principle of tile adhesive making machine

An accurate flow chart can help you to see the profit and better layout of your tile adhesive making machine.

Working principle: As shown in the figure below, the left part is the sand drying plant, and the right part is the automatic tile adhesive making machine.

The tile adhesive making machine working process is as follows: first, to add material to the outdoor bucket elevator, the material will be delivered to the cement silo by bucket elevator, cement silo bottom has a screw conveyor, the material through the screw conveyor to the indoor bucket elevator, then the material will arrive in pre-mix hopper waiting for mixing, then the material conveying to the double shaft dry mortar mixer for mixing, the mixed well material will into the finished product warehouse, there is a packing system, automatic valve bag packing machine will pack the finished product into bags.

Parameter of tile adhesive making machine

The output of the simple tile adhesive making machine includes 1-2T/H, 3-4T/H, 5-6T/H and 6-8T/H.

The output of the automatic tile adhesive plant is 10-15t/h, 15-25 t/h, 25-35 t/h, and the maximum can reach 100 t/h.

If you want to know a customize tile adhesive making machine specific list, or customized solutions, please feel free to contact us.

What is a tile adhesive making machine capacity?

Generally speaking, the tile adhesive making machine output is 0.5t/h~100t/h.

Small tile adhesive making machine adopts a three-layer ribbon tile adhesive mixing machine and its process range is:0.5t/h to 8 t/h.

If you want a small tile adhesive making machine capacity up to 10t/h, that's OK. Contact us to get a solution now.

Tile adhesive plant with double shaft weightless mortar mixer has the output of 8t/h to 60t/h. If you want to achieve the output of 100t/h or 150t/h, it's no problem, please contact us for customized solutions.

A set of tile adhesive making machines can not only produce tile adhesive, but also produce other dry mortar, so we can call it dry mix mortar machine, dry mix mortar plant, dry mix mortar production line, tile adhesive manufacturing plant, wall putty manufacturing machine, ready mix plaster plant, etc.

Benefits of Using a Tile Adhesive Making Machine:

Increased Efficiency: The automation and integration of various components in the machine reduce manual labor and increase production efficiency.

Consistent Quality: The machine ensures uniform mixing and accurate measurement of raw materials, resulting in high-quality tile adhesives.

Customization Options: The control system allows for flexibility in adjusting adhesive formulations, meeting specific requirements of different projects.

Cost Savings: By producing tile adhesives in-house, construction companies can save costs compared to purchasing pre-made adhesives.

In conclusion, a tile adhesive making machine is an essential tool for producing high-quality tile adhesives. It enables efficient, consistent, customized manufacturing, providing construction projects with reliable and durable bonding solutions.

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