Tile Bond Manufacturing Plant Will Be Sent To Malaysia Soon

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Tile Bond manufacturing plant, also called tile adhesive making machine, tile bond making machine, it is a machine specializing in the production of various mortars, such as putty powder, adhesive mortar, repair mortar, self-leveling mortar, masonry mortar, etc. The tile adhesive manufacturing machine in the video is small, with an annual output of about

Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint Plant Send To UAE

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Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint Plant Are Ready Our company Henan Furein Machinery Co., Ltd, has been manufacturing thermoplastic road marking paint plant for a long time. We have recently exported many thermoplastic roads marking paint plants to UAE and other countries. Now we have received an order from our customers to deliver a Thermoplastic

Small Dry Mix Mortar Production Line Shipping to Zambia

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We are excited to announce that our small dry mix mortar production line has been shipped and is on its way to Zambia. This morning, it was sunny, which is a good sign for the delivery. The workers loaded the entire production line into containers as planned. We hope everything goes smoothly with this

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